Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Scream: The CPR That Brought Horror Back From the (Un)Dead!

In 1996, the horror genre was on life support, gasping its last breaths. It was like a zombie - shambling, moaning, and definitely not in its prime. The goosebump-raising thrillers that once had audiences hiding behind their popcorn boxes were churning out sequels with all the excitement of a zombie's groan. From 'Halloween' to 'Hellraiser', from 'Friday the 13th' to 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre', even Freddy Krueger seemed to be losing his nightmare-inducing touch - and that's saying something.

But then, like a plot twist in the third act, along came the horror genre's Dr. Frankenstein - Wes Craven. And boy, did he have an electric shock in store. He took a dying genre, grabbed a defibrillator in the form of Kevin Williamson's razor-sharp script, and yelled, "Clear!"

'Scream' wasn't just a revival; it was a resurrection. Craven dusted off the old, cobweb-covered tropes, held them up to the light, and said, "Hey, remember these? They're not so bad if you use them right." He gave us the 'rules' of surviving a horror movie, made us laugh, then scared the popcorn right out of us.

And it wasn't just about bringing the horror back to basics - it was about making it real again. The characters in 'Scream' weren't just cardboard cutouts waiting for their turn to be slashed. They were flesh and blood (and oh boy, was there blood). They had lives, personalities, relationships. They felt like people you'd meet at your local high school - if your local high school was in the middle of a murder spree, that is.

Craven took the Frankenstein's monster that was the '90s horror genre, breathed life into it, and made it dance. And not the awkward, shambling dance of the zombie, but a sprightly, self-aware jig that both delighted and terrified audiences.

'Scream' didn't just resurrect the horror genre - it gave it a new lease on life. It made it cool again. It made it fun. It made it...scream. And for that, we tip our blood-stained hats to you, Wes Craven. Thanks for reminding us why we love to be scared. 

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