Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Evil Dead Rise

Picture this: you're at a banquet, and each dish on the table is a movie from the Evil Dead franchise. We have the tantalizing Croque Monsieur as the original Evil Dead, the luxurious Monte Cristo representing Evil Dead II and Army of Darkness, and the sophisticated Ham and Gruyère Tartine as Evil Dead 2013. Nestled amongst these gourmet delights is Evil Dead Rise, a straight-up deli store ham and American cheese grilled sandwich, served on a baguette.

It might seem like I'm setting up Evil Dead Rise as the runt of the litter, but don't get me wrong. This is not a dismissal but a recontextualization. It's the 'everyman' of the franchise - not as complex or rich as its counterparts, but still tasty, filling, and with a dash of style.

Evil Dead Rise is like the plain-Jane cousin at the family reunion. It doesn't have the same zing or flair as its predecessors. Its characters are somewhat flat, but the intensity of the plot and the well-crafted atmosphere manage to lift it above mediocrity.

The movie leans into the themes and tropes that have defined this series, and while it doesn't necessarily innovate, it does deliver a solid horror experience. You're not getting the gourmet dish, but you're still leaving the table satisfied.

The beauty of the Evil Dead franchise is that even its weakest entry is still pretty darn good. This is a testament to the strength and durability of the series that has, thankfully, never been burdened with the kind of sequels that have tarnished other horror franchises.

So, if you're a fan of the series or just in the mood for a solid horror flick, give Evil Dead Rise a shot. It may not be the Croque Monsieur of the horror genre, but a well-made ham and cheese sandwich can still hit the spot. Just don't forget the baguette for that extra touch of style.

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