Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Top 5 Biggest Jerks in Horror Movies

 Below we'll find the crème de la crème of ignoramuses that the Horror genre has to offer. Whether their onscreen performance were hated or tolerated, their ignorance caused great grief and unneeded suffering for the main characters or their supporting counterparts. Throughout the genre, many of these types of characters met their 'just desserts' and the following seem to, arguably of course, be no exception. Reader be warned spoilers ensue.

JUPE - NOPE(2022)

Here's a man who suffered a severe traumatic ordeal as a child actor on a sitcom set involving a co-star chimpanzee that went wild. As the movie Nope progresses it becomes apparent that what was thought to be an UFO spaceship is actually a living creature. It's been eating both people and wild life in the local area. Unfortunately, Jupe never learned a valuable lesson from his horrifying set incident. You can take the chimpanzee out of the jungle, but you can't take the jungle out of the chimpanzee. Nevertheless, dozens suffer agonizing deaths for his ignorance and it also inadvertently puts the film's main character in a jeopardizing situation.


Let's be frank, is there anybody that likes Micah? Nevertheless, Paranormal Activity, centers around Micah and Katie's encounters with a dark entity that appears to be residing in their home. Although, later on we learn the situation is in fact much worse than that. Regardless and to the point, no matter how out of hand these hauntings become throughout the movie, Micah constantly ups the ante in antagonizing the entity. Which in turn leads to the final confrontation and inevitably that comes from such events.

AMANDA - SAW(2004), SAW II(2005), SAW III(2006)

Aside from the first movie and most of the second movie, the third iteration of Saw, is where Amanda really becomes unbearable. Not only does she feel justified for the victims she has led to their deaths, but she also feels entitled. So much so that she begins to actually believe she can out smart Jigsaw, the man who sent her on the path to her 'salvation' in the first place and who by the way has been personally grooming her ever since. If you ask me, the character still didn't get her full come-uppance, but that's a rant for a different day.


The character you love to hate. A well written and performed trope of the film world. AJ is the epitome of asshole, only being slightly overshadowed by the next entry on this list. Pending sex scandals aside, everything about this character screams D-BAG. Even up to the final moments when he shoves the film's protagonist from the top of the water tower to escape the lumbering ogre that is chasing them. One thing we love, is that while the character is far from relatable, Justin Long still brings a humanizing element to the character, a performance that is very hard to pull off.


The quintessential jerkass of Horror films. Rhodes halts the main character's progress at every step and his eventual fate is one the most deserving and felt throughout the genre. Not to mention it's one of the most iconic. Every bit of screaming and antagonizing the character does in the film lays tracks to the characters foreshadowing promise of premise. "Choke on 'em!" Who can forget the dying screams of Captain Rhodes as he's disemboweled and devoured by an undead horde.

Did you enjoy this article? Let us know in the comments below who you feel are the biggest jerks in the Horror genre.

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