Thursday, May 25, 2023

My Sister Almost Married Freddy Krueger

As far back as I can remember, the allure of the horror genre held a powerful sway over my sister and me. We were just five and three years old, mischievously slipping out of our bedrooms on nights when our mother and aunt would invite their friends over for the week's latest horror flick. In an act of daring innocence, we would creep down the stairs, ducking behind the couch to secretly witness the chilling exploits of Jason Vorhees or his fellow nightmarish characters as they claimed their next victims. The blend of fear and fascination was strangely captivating, keeping us hooked until a scene became too terrifying, inevitably causing one of us to gasp. Our presence would then be discovered, earning us a stern rebuke and a march back to our rooms. Yet, the thrill of these horrific narratives was too great to deter us from repeating our covert escapades.

The darkly fascinating world of horror had us firmly in its grip. Throughout our elementary school years, my sister and I would devour any fright-inducing material we could get our eager hands on. This often meant binge-watching tapes that our grandmother generously recorded for us from television broadcasts. We practically wore out the tapes of our favorites - Mr. Boogedy, Beetle Juice, and The Monster Squad - through countless reruns.

However, my sister's fascination with horror started to fade sooner than mine. For a long while, she had affectionately referred to Freddy Krueger as her 'boyfriend'. Her perception shifted dramatically one night when she sneaked downstairs and accidentally witnessed the gruesome reality of Freddy's appearance in the latest Nightmare on Elm Street installment. Her imaginary beau was suddenly revealed as a disfigured and terrifying figure, far removed from her initial image of him.

The romance had reached its abrupt end. Nights were filled with nightmares about Freddy, who would infiltrate her dreams, transforming them into nightmares and instilling in her a fear of sleep, not unlike the plot of the movie itself. This marked the start of her hiatus from horror. Although she remains an enthusiast of the genre to this day, any mention of Freddy still triggers an involuntary twitch in her eye."


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