Friday, May 19, 2023

5 Slashers That Slice Above the Rest


In the vast, blood-soaked world of slasher films, there are a few that manage to stand head and shoulders (before they're inevitably lopped off, of course) above the rest. These films bring something unique to the genre - an added twist, a dash of the unexpected, or an innovative killer that sets them apart. Today, we're diving into 5 Slashers.

First up is 'Stagefright.' This 1987 Italian slasher is nothing short of a hoot, and that's not just because the killer dons an owl mask. A combination of dark humor, outrageous kills, and a theater setting that adds an extra layer of drama makes this film an unforgettable entry in the slasher genre.

Next on our list is 'Cherry Falls.' This film flips the traditional slasher script by targeting virgins instead of promiscuous teens. With a genuinely creepy atmosphere and a standout performance from Brittany Murphy, this film takes a bite out of the genre and leaves a lasting impression.

'Urban Legend' is another slasher that deserves a shoutout. It uses the eponymous folklore to craft its kills, making for an intriguing and culturally resonant viewing experience. Plus, the killer's use of urban legends adds an extra layer of intrigue to the movie.

The fourth contender is 'Terror Train.' This 1980 slasher takes place on a train, which adds an extra dose of claustrophobia to the mix. With Jamie Lee Curtis at the helm, this film takes us on a thrilling and terrifying ride that’s worth the price of admission.

Finally, 'Laid to Rest.' This modern slasher makes it onto our list thanks to its innovative use of the 'Chrome Skull' killer and its no-holds-barred approach to gore. It's a brutal, unrelenting film that's not for the faint of heart.

In conclusion, these 5 Slashers offer more than your average hack and slash. They bring a unique twist to the table, proving that the slasher genre is more than just blood, guts, and masked killers - it's a space for innovation, creativity, and, above all, a good scare!

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